Anonymous whispered: Hi! :) May I request a lot that is suburban, has a lot of space outside, a secret basement, a nursery, a room for 2 kids, and a master bedroom. Thaaaank you so much :) yes CC but not too much, I have late night, generations and into the future.

Hi Nonny,

I’m sorry but I’m not actually taking requests atm :(. When I find some time, I may get around to it!!

Small Tudor V01 CC FREE

Renovated 55 Water Lily Lane (SV)(Pre-fabulous 1 bed + 1 bath)

Only needs Base, Ambitions and Supernatural.


  • 2x3 lot
  • $22k unfurnished
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • living
  • kitchen + dining


Patch 1.67, Base, Ambitions + Supernatural.

Made with all Eps and Sps installed.

Terms of Use & Info

Download: Sims3Pack//Package

Starter Lot V01 CC FREE

Only requires Base Game and Supernatural!

The mailbox defaults to its “new lot placement”, so you will have to move it again!


  • 2x2 lot
  • unfurnished $11,788
  • 1 bedroom
  • 1.5 bathrooms (room for a washing machine as well)
  • Kitchen + dining
  • Living


Patch 1.67, Base + Supernatural.

Built with all Eps and Sps installed.

Terms of Use and Info

Download: Sims3Pack//Package

1000 Followers GIFT ~ V14 Traditional Townhouse CC FREE

This is just to say thankyou to my followers, those who have reblogged my downloads, and to those who have sent me lovely comments!


  • fully furnished (except bedrooms)
  • 3x2 lot
  • $105k
  • laundry
  • kitchen
  • living
  • 5 bedrooms + nursery
  • study
  • 3.5 bathrooms
  • veggie patch
  • landscaped gardens


Built with patch 1.67. Base, WA, Ambitions, Pets, Seasons, Supernatural & UL (couple of Generations items). (Built with all Eps and Sps installed) If you do not have one of those eps installed items will just default to basegame items.

Terms of Use & Info:

Download: Sims3Pack//Package

Glasgow snuggling Noodle!

Just when you think love is in the air ~ real smooth Flynn…

Clearly Flynn thought things went well, Joycelyn……her face *lmao*

At least Glasgow is entertained digging holes everywhere. But he needs another flea bath!

Another beautiful lot by Frau Engel. I cannot make up my mind which one I want to use! I’m going to test out Mirela’s idea of having different CC sets for different game saves so my game isn’t over burdened with CC. So far it is working a treat! Smooth as butter!

Just trying out some new CC - and loving it all!

on left - Vanessa

& right - Joycelyn

V02 Australian Townhouse Unfurnished ~ 969 Followers GIFT


  • kitchen + dining/living
  • laundry
  • master bedroom (downstairs) + en-suite
  • 3/4 bedrooms
  • study
  • 2 bathrooms
  • carport
  • lot size: 30x20
  • price UF: $31,152


Requires: patch 1.67 Base + Pets (built with all eps and sps installed)

CC is NOT included! 

Bioshock Infinite Hedge - VKG

Roses - Luna

Grant Park Build Set -  b5Studio

Casement Windows - Madaya74

White Trim, dark grey slate roof - Lilliebou

Victorian Porch Railings/Fence - MsBarrows

TV Antenna - Severinka 

Cottage Half Landing Stairs - Gosik

Victorian Gable Top - Mutske 

PC Weatherboard Walls - Simsational Designs

Soft Walls Set II - SimsInSpring

Double Door Wide Open V3 - Severinka

Patterns - ?? (2 used)

Terms of Use & Info:

Download: Sims3Pack//Package

Anonymous whispered: I love all your houses! Thank you for sharing them with us.

Thankyou so much

Anonymous whispered: okay, so i have two questions, and i would really appreciate your help because all of your stuff is AMAZING! how do you take such good pictures of the interior of your house? anytime i try to it seems like the walls and whatnot get in the way. one more thing: what do you use to convert the houses you make on sims into downloadable packages that others can use?

Thankyou <3

If you hit “tab” the UI disappears off the screen, and you can use Q, E to move up and down, and W, A, S and D to move around, and the mouse wheel (there is also a key but i’m not sure which) that you can use to zoom out. It’s really handy if you are in a room because it zooms out as far as possible in that particular room. You just have to get the camera in the right spot so the walls don’t pop up. It just takes some practice :).

Package files i get those out of the Library Folder in the Sims 3 folder in My Documents. They usually start with an “e…”. You can just rename them. Those lot files have to go into that folder as well NOT your mods one! (just double checking you know which folder they go in!).

Hope this helps :D.

V13 Traditional Townhouse CC FREE


  • garage
  • living
  • kitchen + meals
  • study
  • 3 bedrooms + nursery
  • 2.5 bathrooms


Patch: 1.67.Built with: Base, WA, Ambitions, Pets, Seasons, Supernatural, and UL. I have all Eps and Sps installed, but you do not need them all. Items will just replace to basegame ones if you don’t have an exp installed. I have used one or two items from Generations, Showtime and Diesel.

Terms of Use & Info

Download:  Sims3Pack // Package

So, when I get some more free time, i will be releasing 2 gifts. One will be CC FREE, the other may be the one in the pictures if I finish it.

It’s been a while since i have opened the sims due to my teaching placement. I promise a new lot download is coming in the next few weeks!! But for now enjoy Natasha’s weird-sexy smirk while she cooks waffles before heading off to start her new job at Twinbrook High. I really didn’t know what else to call that look on her face :).

Lovely sim by noviebird <3

Anonymous whispered: so do you do house requests? can I request one?

No, not at the moment. It is stated in the sidebar :P. I cannot at the moment as i have way to much study to do and my teaching placement to finish as well :).