Hollow Manor

Shared on the gallery under #illawara. I would create a .rar file of the tray items, but I do not feel comfortable doing that yet! 

I added the floorplans as usual, so if you read my WIPs you know the upper floor is best viewed & played with the walls down, but also so that you can actually see how much garden there is, and all the pretty trees!! 

I fully rebuilt the upper floor so there was a proper ceiling for the ground floor. Not an easy task with the new building tools!! >.<

More pictures here, here & here!

I feel like I must also say there is NO CC.


  • 3 bedrooms
  • 3.5 bathrooms
  • kitchen
  • dining
  • entrance hall
  • living with an open fire
  • patio
  • landscaped gardens + veggie patch
  • pot plants everywhere!
  • play tested 

I really hope you like it!

It was harder taking pictures of the inside because of this new roofing system, and I didn’t want you to see clouds where I apparently couldn’t put down tiles because I have no ‘fenced off room’ above it *facepalm. If you are a builder, you will understand.

With upstairs, you will have to play with the walls down because of the lack of flooring above rooms where there is roof covering the floor below. Also, due to the amount of roof pieces used….it gets messy trying to peer over the steep roof pieces. But, it looks all neat and pretty with the walls down :).

UPDATE: Okay, so i had to completely redo the whole top floor….as in I put down one ginormous box which wrecked everything just so there would be a ceiling for the floor below, and then redid all the individual roof pieces and rooms *yay for saving them to my library* lmao. Now to actually test the lot and have some fun!!

**and I just found those walls in the kitchen I need to paint :P

Some exterior shots. There are more trees than the pictures show *the camera makes them disappear when zooming in, but you can see the shadows, so you know :)

I have included a veggie patch (I will plant all the seeds and flowers before uploading). There is a secluded fountain in the back corner, a terrace for dinners, an overgrown corner with a small bird pond, and a seat on some lush lawn that I didn’t attack with flowers!

WIP. Sorry about the bad camera angles thanks to build mode! I have noticed throughout my building adventures, that walls and roofs are somehow linked, and at times can make adding windows frustrating >.<

Rundown Delight

Shared in the gallery. Please use #illawara to find it, or my id: Illawara_Crumpet. 

Essentially, the idea behind this home was meant to be something where the exterior fit in with the surrounding area. On the other hand, the interior suggests a wealthy family of 3 occupies it. It may be occupied by a family of 3-4, or ninja-like criminals relishing in their stolen stash of goodies. Up to you!


  • 3 bedrooms + crib
  • study
  • kitchen  + dining
  • living
  • 2 bathrooms
  • play-tested


Hope you like it!

**Credit to farfallesims for the weed idea :)

Love all these new activities and interactions.She looks more comfortable playing over how she actually sounds. Begging for help with homework lmao!! Well, he tried… and what is with my sims and forksseriously *facepalm*

Interior shots of the run-down lot I was building yesterday. I figured, they could at least have a nice looking interior!

Rose Cottage

Shared on the galley under #illawara #NOCC. My ID is Illawara_Crumpet if it is easier to find me that way!

The roof was very fiddly to make, so please do NOT fiddle with it >.< haha. The upstairs floor is best viewed & played with walls fully down or cut away. If fully up you can’t see anything through the walls *generally a yes unless you have some super x-ray vision going on?!*

*so excited to finally use those enormous curtains* - hmm reminds me of Despicable Me 

**there is also a giant cupboard next to the fridge but it cannot be seen unless the walls are fully up and you take a nose-dive in there with the camera, or you know, hit ‘tab’**


  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • kitchen
  • living
  • gardens
  • some activity nick-knacks upstairs as well

I think I will make two versions of this lot, one appearing as so, and the second with a more tended-to garden! Thankyou farfallesims for the excellent idea of more weeds - less flowers. Due to a lack of broken objects, I used rocks instead! The interior will be a bit more fancy. Maybe a home for some ninja-like criminals hoarding all their goodies away?! Or a small family of 3 to 4 looking to make a fresh start.

Not 100% sure about this one at the moment. It’s meant to be a bit more run-down looking in the lower-end suburb area. Hmmm.

Charissa exploring the ‘sacred grove’. She fished up a pomegranate seed, and went home and planted it, but it disappeared overnight! Also random ‘deep sea’ fish in the pond *yikes*!

luna-simming whispered: I think the house is gorgeous! I love the outside too, especially the backyard. I will probably use this house in the future :D

Thankyou so much! Thankyou for making my morning. It’s lovely to wake up to comments like these :) xx

Cozy Traditional V01

Here is my very first ts4 download for you all! Shared on the gallery. Please use the #illawara in the search window to find it! The gallery screenshots really are awful and don’t do wonderful homes any justice, so I will be posting screenshots on my tumblr :).


  • 5 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Kitchen + dining
  • Living
  • Study
  • Enclosed backyard with veggie garden


I would appreciate some feedback on my first attempt to see what features you do and do not like! See more interior pics in previous posts.

Hope you like it!

Casual family dinner with Don and Molly. Not sure why Molly is staring at the stairs, and why Charissa is playing with her fork haha…

Some more pictures! Nearly ready to upload I think…