Playing around with sims 4 CAS Demo. Gosh Gemma Arterton has a challenging face to create! Hmmmmm. Something to work on :)

Current WIP.

This may end up being a long running project which I may release after my placement finishes this semester (starting Monday). This will give me the time to fiddle around with omsps to add in some more items to make it more homely. At the moment, I have way to much CC in my game (my building save)….so I’m going to spend the last few days before uni starts by playing some of my legacy and finishing off readings!

Current WIP

Current WIP

Anonymous whispered: what roof do you use!! my roof always seems abnormally large as im trying to get ideas from your houses (i have some in my towns, thank you they're great!!) but yeah the roofs are so big!

Hi nonny,

Not quite sure what you mean :O. The roof is an Island Paradise texture and I always tend to keep the angle between the lowest and middle roof height settings (**I use steep settings for tudor/medieval lots**). Sometimes I use a mix of heights for my roofs, but that one was basically at the lowest! (**I think because it covers such a large area it looks fairly large, but it isn’t**). I hope this is what you meant!

Also thankyou 

Australian Home V03 CC FREE

A simple download for you before I start back at uni. There are no veggies in the patch this time ( my game has finally succumbed to the buydebug/testingcheats enabled bug).


  • $51k unfurnished
  • 3x3 lot size
  • Master bedroom + ensuite
  • Kitchen + dining
  • Living
  • Laundry
  • Garage
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 4 bedrooms (BIRs in 3)


Patch 1.67.

As shown: Base, WA (plants), Supernatural (door), Ambitions (plant, window and floor), Pets (plant), UL (tree and windows) and IP (roof and garage door). Expansions aren’t necessary. Items will default to base game if you are missing an expansion.

Terms of Use & Info

Download: Sims3Pack // Package

Anonymous whispered: Hi! :) May I request a lot that is suburban, has a lot of space outside, a secret basement, a nursery, a room for 2 kids, and a master bedroom. Thaaaank you so much :) yes CC but not too much, I have late night, generations and into the future.

Hi Nonny,

I’m sorry but I’m not actually taking requests atm :(. When I find some time, I may get around to it!!

Small Tudor V01 CC FREE

Renovated 55 Water Lily Lane (SV)(Pre-fabulous 1 bed + 1 bath)

Only needs Base, Ambitions and Supernatural.


  • 2x3 lot
  • $22k unfurnished
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • living
  • kitchen + dining


Patch 1.67, Base, Ambitions + Supernatural.

Made with all Eps and Sps installed.

Terms of Use & Info

Download: Sims3Pack//Package

Starter Lot V01 CC FREE

Only requires Base Game and Supernatural!

The mailbox defaults to its “new lot placement”, so you will have to move it again!


  • 2x2 lot
  • unfurnished $11,788
  • 1 bedroom
  • 1.5 bathrooms (room for a washing machine as well)
  • Kitchen + dining
  • Living


Patch 1.67, Base + Supernatural.

Built with all Eps and Sps installed.

Terms of Use and Info

Download: Sims3Pack//Package

1000 Followers GIFT ~ V14 Traditional Townhouse CC FREE

This is just to say thankyou to my followers, those who have reblogged my downloads, and to those who have sent me lovely comments!


  • fully furnished (except bedrooms)
  • 3x2 lot
  • $105k
  • laundry
  • kitchen
  • living
  • 5 bedrooms + nursery
  • study
  • 3.5 bathrooms
  • veggie patch
  • landscaped gardens


Built with patch 1.67. Base, WA, Ambitions, Pets, Seasons, Supernatural & UL (couple of Generations items). (Built with all Eps and Sps installed) If you do not have one of those eps installed items will just default to basegame items.

Terms of Use & Info:

Download: Sims3Pack//Package

Glasgow snuggling Noodle!

Just when you think love is in the air ~ real smooth Flynn…

Clearly Flynn thought things went well, Joycelyn……her face *lmao*

At least Glasgow is entertained digging holes everywhere. But he needs another flea bath!

Another beautiful lot by Frau Engel. I cannot make up my mind which one I want to use! I’m going to test out Mirela’s idea of having different CC sets for different game saves so my game isn’t over burdened with CC. So far it is working a treat! Smooth as butter!

Just trying out some new CC - and loving it all!

on left - Vanessa

& right - Joycelyn

V02 Australian Townhouse Unfurnished ~ 969 Followers GIFT


  • kitchen + dining/living
  • laundry
  • master bedroom (downstairs) + en-suite
  • 3/4 bedrooms
  • study
  • 2 bathrooms
  • carport
  • lot size: 30x20
  • price UF: $31,152


Requires: patch 1.67 Base + Pets (built with all eps and sps installed)

CC is NOT included! 

Bioshock Infinite Hedge - VKG

Roses - Luna

Grant Park Build Set -  b5Studio

Casement Windows - Madaya74

White Trim, dark grey slate roof - Lilliebou

Victorian Porch Railings/Fence - MsBarrows

TV Antenna - Severinka 

Cottage Half Landing Stairs - Gosik

Victorian Gable Top - Mutske 

PC Weatherboard Walls - Simsational Designs

Soft Walls Set II - SimsInSpring

Double Door Wide Open V3 - Severinka

Patterns - ?? (2 used)

Terms of Use & Info:

Download: Sims3Pack//Package