Mainly CC FREE lots, bar a few.

NOT taking requests at the moment.

I don't follow back people who post a lot of non-sims stuff or gifs - sorry it lags out my pc.

Expansions: All

Sps: Diesel, Outdoor, TownLife, Master Suite, Fast Lane.

Patch 1.67.2
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The answer to your question is yes it should if the game is behaving :)

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V12 Traditional Townhouse CC FREE

This is the first download I have released in a while (3 months) thanks to my sims 3  texture memory issues which are now fixed thanks to the lovely people over @ leefish; in particular Kiri. So this is a download for her and the other wonderful people @ leefish to say thankyou.


  • 2x3 lot
  • fully furnished for $146k
  • 3 bedrooms 
  • nursery
  • 3.5 bathrooms
  • laundry
  • garage
  • living
  • kitchen
  • dining
  • veggies & gardens


Patch 1.67.2. Built with Base, WA, Ambitions, Pets, Generations, UL, Supernatural, Seasons and Diesel SP. If you want it unfurnished then it will need Base, WA, Ambitions, Pets and UL. If you do not have those eps or sps it does not matter as items will just replace themselves with base ones.

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Download: Sims3Pack // Package

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Just some more picture spam. That is also Edward in the crib :).

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Just playing around with decorating in ts2.

Might make this my legacy home and try to get a legacy going following the names of those in my ts3 legacy.

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simmogen Asked:
thank you! unfortunately i have another query... the houses are invisible in game! they have a thumbnail in the library of empty houses in edit town, but when i put them down on the right size lot and everything they're invisible and the game doesn't recognise a house has been put down, it's just empty :(

I’m not sure what has caused that because no one else has had that problem. It’s probably an EA bug :). But everytime i install something i delete my cache files, thumbnails file, and world cache files. The only other way i know to get around that problem is to install the lots via the launcher instead/ or try re-installing the package file into the library folder. I hope this helps!

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Current WIP

Not sure how much more i will get done tonight <3

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740 + Followers GIFT : Beth Greystone

Please don’t laugh at my horrible preview pics. Uploading sims and fancy, eye-catching closeups isn’t my thing >.<

CC (Not included)Skin (Defined Eyes-Hairless) I Eyes  I Teeth I Eyelashes (1 & 3) | Eyebrows | Blush | Hair | Bandana | Top | Pants (Wide Leg) | Lips | Eyeshadow (N2) | Eye Detail | Eyebags

Traits: Artistic | Good | Easily Impressed | Hot-headed | Proper

Lifetime Wish: Author

She is packaged with EA BaseGame clothing

TOU: Do whatever you like with her, just don’t claim her as your own!

Download: SimFile | Sliders

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Just so people have an idea of the adult Edward became (pic 4), his wife Nadia (pic 5), who is the child of a couple living in the city, and their son Corey with his Grandmother Charissa :).

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V11 Suburban Townhouse CC FREE UF

Just a small townhouse for you all. 


  • 2x3 lot
  • $55,555 unfurnished
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 4.5 bathrooms
  • laundry space
  • open dining/kitchen
  • study
  • living
  • garage


Patch 1.63.5. Built with Base + Supernatural.

Terms of Use & Information

Download: Sims3Pack // Package

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Since the Winchester family missed Dotty so much, Edward had to take her urn to the Science Facility and have her reincarnated as a ghost. It says it failed, but if you can see what i can see, i think not >.<.

Generation 3 has also arrived (no pics yet), so i had to make an extension to the house to make room for Edward’s wife Nadia Somers to move in. The result was a little granny flat for Charissa and Cedric in the back garden. I tried to keep the theme the same as the main house but i don’t think mine looks as good haha. But the lot now accommodates 5-6 people + a pet, so they’re doing okay lol.

I was going to move the tearoom connected to the kitchen, and connect the main house to the granny flat, but it might be too much, and well then the house wouldn’t look very English. Would it?! lol <3

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ts2 Townhouse V01

This is my first ts2 lot in, what, 7 years so i am a bit rusty.It is modeled off one of my ts3 lots, just reversed (because of the driveway) and a tad smaller upstairs.

I did open and check the lot with Clean Installer and basically removed every weird named file and recolour, and a surprising amount of files that i apparently included which i never used *confused face. So any problems, i also have the original attached which i haven’t touched with Clean Installer so you can go through it yourself. It seems to have every recolour of numenor’s stairs, and i used EA’s, so not sure what happened there. I did start to furnish it too, but then removed it all. I’d rather you all do that by yourselves. The roof is an EA one with a default to change the trim. No idea where it came from >.<.

I was going to included a CC list, but some creators haven’t logged in in a while and some CC i have no idea what the file name is, or where it’s even from. So, my apologies.

Any problems, do not hesitate to message me. Please.


I have every EP + IKEA, Bath & Kitchen and Mansion & Gardens SPs installed.

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Sims2Pack // UntouchedORIGINAL

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Anonymous Asked:
could you get a house not furnished here?

Without meaning to be rude, could you at least look through my tumblr before asking me such a question lol :P

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V10 Traditional Home CC FREE (Unfurnished)

I’m waiting for my game to finish loading Edit Town >.< so i can update the 2 downloads, but if you don’t mind my boo-boos, you will need to add a railing next to the stairs on the second floor, you know so sims don’t fall down, and move the daisy plot in the bottom corner of the living room and replace the tile.


  • 2x3 lot
  • $47k UF
  • Garage
  • living
  • open dining & kitchen
  • laundry
  • 3.5 bathrooms
  • 3/4 bedrooms
  • study


Patch 1.63.5 & built with Base, WA & Ambitions.

Terms of Use & Information

Download: Sims3Pack | Package

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640  Followers/ Xmas GIFT

I was determined to finish this tonight, so here it is. A complete renovation of 114 Wood Street, Moonlight Falls for you all. I have redone the whole exterior, removed the garage, added an attic, and changed the floor-plan for each level. Now, well to me at least, it flows properly.

You will need the CC which i have included in the download links below. You will need to, if you don’t have it, download VKG’s Square hedge. The Link to her tumblr is included below.

Please note the Sims3Pack has 1 Pattern included with it, otherwise it’s clean (my files are all .package format besides my patterns), and well i only used 1 non-EA pattern >.<.


Patch 1.63.5. Games i have that CC/ objects requires: Base, Generations (stairs CC only. Do not need if you do not have it), Ambitions & Supernatural.

Games i have installed: Base, WA, Ambitions, Pets, Gen, UL, NL, Supernatural & Seasons.

Terms of Use & Information


Sims3Pack | Package | CC  | VKG_Square Hedge

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So even if Edward only got a score of 1600 on the aptitude test, and failed one exam during his early uni stages from hunger and sleep deprivation he gradated his Science and Medicine Degree with an “A” GPA, and has made his father proud. At long last he can follow in his father’s footsteps.

It was at that point, when he went to hug his mother because he was so happy, he realised he didn’t actually know his mother all that well, and thus saw fit to only shake her hand. But as he walked away, the look on Charissa’s face said she was proud of her son.

However, her frustration was also apparent, as for no reason she destroyed the innocent snowman standing nearby.

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