Re-release Suburban Townhouse V01 NO CC

This is a lot I posted a long time ago at TSR and the ts3 Exchange. I haven’t really modified it much besides fixing up ground textures and the brick pattern. But in my grumpy mood even then the ground textures wouldn’t apply properly around walls and doors and things.


  • 3x2 lot
  • Unfurnished: $49, 937
  • Furnished Completely: $89,649


  • Master bedroom with it’s own den above the garage
  • Ensuite
  • 2 children bedrooms with built in cupboards in 1
  • Kitchen
  • Dining
  • Lounge
  • 2 bathrooms + 2 separate toilets
  • Garage
  • Small backyard

I did make this into a 3x3 lot if anyone would also like that. I added a bigger backyard with things for pets, more garden and a small alchemy shed. SEE BELOW



Simple. It’s mine. It’s been around in the community long enough, so don’t claim as your own or reupload anywhere!


For those of you who downloaded before I updated the file, the lot size is 32x20 (It’s from Martine’s world). The updated ones are 30x20 like they should be. I didn’t check the lot properly when I put it done to edit it. Sigh.


Davidmont requested my lot in 3x3 lot size, so I thought I would also add it here for everyone else. The terrain paint wouldn’t layer properly around the garden beds, so I changed it to a different shaded grass. There’s a shed to the back left of the property (or right whichever way you’re looking from), with some beehives and a chemistry table. There’s a kennel in the backyard which has been expanded and more garden added to and a seat which my cat likes to hide under. The den next to the master bedroom has been changed to a cat’s bed and keyboard, but you can change that to suit you.


  • Sims3Pack(3x3) => Goes into Downloads folder
  • Package(3x3) => Goes into Library folder

I also apologise if the lot’s icon doesn’t appear in the empty house bin in game. It seems to play up when I rename the file. If you’d like you can extract the package file from the Sims3Pack file :).